“Young entrepreneurs will make a difference in Indian 
ecosystem” – Ratan Tata

A young turk of Unao Balaji Town is getting recognition
for his tireless approach towards his
work. Satyam Soni the CEO of “Western Panda” and Managing
Director of Vaati Ventures Pvt
Ltd is one of the fastest growing leaders in Personal Branding & Brand
Engagement in recent times,
 who aims to raise brands with a good vision that attracts
opportunities. Working with a swarm of clients
involving entrepreneurs, politicians, athletes,
models, CEOs, doctors, architects, artists along with small to
 large business organizations.
Satyam has gained people’s attention and become the
client’s first choice
 for his immense hard work and reliability he delivers to them. Satyam
works exclusively in expertising individuals and businesses to gain heed from the public through Personal Branding and Brand Engagement.


Mr. Satyam involves himself in setting up new brands and supporting startups, he also helps in
strengthening the existing ones, getting them back on track with his experience and strategies.
Be it a fresher or a celebrity Satyam Soni has his own extensive client base.


“A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds” – Francis Bacon

Besides having a considerable number of competitors in the market, he still never fails to
discover opportunities and excel by his Personal Branding potential. Satyam counsels people
and links them with devotion and motive to get benefited with their own personal brands.
His clients come across from almost every phase of life from teenagers to adults, adults to age
old people. He aims in proper grooming and development to transform his clients into
Influencers of the upcoming generation.